Splinter Town

A novel by Peter Maloy

1920's fantasy sci-fi political thriller with strong female characters and a community working together against spies, assassins, menacing nuns, and really bad food.

  • Thoughtful Historical Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Thriller

The world is quite unlike any in any novel I have read; being both familiar and resonant with our own world, and offering majestic and fantastical diversions from our reality that kept me hooked at each new discovery.

Splinter Town and the outside world is peopled with a myriad cast of characters with their own agendas and priorities, bolstered by intriguing main characters who you can't help but get attached to. Stories of folly, redemption, madness, and political intrigue abound, making Splinter Town a real page-turner.

-- Ben M., February 2021

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The quiet offshore town of Splinterton is fighting to keep its independence from England, but it isn't ready for the carnage wrought by England's ruthlessly efficient agent Martlet when she comes to retrieve an artifact discovered in a shipwreck.

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"The Undertown Fishing Trip"

When her heist goes fatally wrong, Martlet finds herself hunted by her own allies and the religious order that trained her. Lost and alone, she is contacted by Splinterton. Should she trust the people she has wronged?

Splinterton at night

The world of Splinterton is familiar, yet distinctly different from our own; there are two moons in the sky, and terrors in the deep.

Splinterton Undertown

The people of Splinterton are fiercely independent, but work together to forge a living in the challenging environment of a town built on stilts in the crater of an ancient sea volcano.

The British Peninsular

An ancient worldwide catyclism has changed the shape of the continents and altered the course of history. The people you'll meet in Spinter Town work in a very different power balance. The stakes are high when England seeks to expand its empire through covert means.

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Click Here to Find out more about the world of Splinterton by reading a free chapter:

"The Undertown Fishing Trip"

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