The Splinter Town Series

Steam-driven Sci-fi with intrigue, gangster nuns, sea monsters, and really bad food

Splinter Town grew from a scene in a dream and a simple idea. We've all seen movies where the 'hero' swoops in to steal something, shooting and punching their way through an army of henchmen before making a daring escape.

But what happens to the people left wounded or dying in their wake? What are their stories? Their roads to recovery?

The Splinter Town series is an action and adventure story with consequences. Its heroes and villains make mistakes and bad decisions. It is their choice whether to accept redemption when it is offered.

These covers were designed for the second edition of the Splinter Town series by Elyon from The Book Cover Designer. They depict Martlet, whose story weaves in and around the events of all three books. She is a disruptor, unpredictable and driven by conflicting motivations. A fearsome opponent, but a staunch ally.

Splinter Town

Baron Chandler governs an impossible town held sixty feet above the seabed within the shell of an ancient volcano. The town thrives, taking heat, power and minerals from the heart of the sleeping volcano.

The bitter and ambitious Clive Barbican uses his positions within the government and the powerful Buckthornes corporation to manipulate sentiment in England against the tiny independent state of Splinterton.

The Baron's comfortable routine unravels when Martlet, a freelance assassin-thief arrives in Splinterton. Her mission triggers a series of events that will topple governments.

Set in 1924, this genre-defying novel weaves its story lines around a background of steam-driven science fiction with a strong cast of characters.

Splinter Town Fall

"Crowds gathered on the northern and eastern promenades, straining against the glare of the cloudless early-morning sky for their first glimpse of the airship."

Two years after the events of Splinter Town, Splinterton and England are working towards a new mutually beneficial peace treaty.

The wild pod of Syrenis beneath the town is dwindling. Gentleman explorer Basil Foagues and his airship offer a chance to revitalise the population, but the Syrenis hold a dark secret that threatens the voyage.

Martlet is working with Splinterton's diplomatic team. Her violent past and unconventional methods send her on a wild adventure to the ends of the British Peninsular.

And then there is the secret hidden beneath the Iron Age fort...

Splinter Town Winter

Winter grips Western Europe. Splinterton is an oasis of volcanic warmth in a frozen sea.

Martlet is trapped far beyond help. An unlikely alliance is forged to reach out to her, hoping to bring her back

The enigmatic Tudor Jones, always cheerful, pathologically unreliable, haunts the Undertown. Whether he will be a force for good or ill is a question balanced on a knife-edge.

Its people scattered, Splinterton sees the return of the sinister Clive Barbican, his long-nurtured plans threatening a devastating conclusion.

The Future for Splinter Town

I have enjoyed writing the first Splinter Town trilogy immensely, and have been privileged to meet with readers who want more! Without giving away any spoilers, there are so many aspects of the Splinter Town world still to discover - and fascinating characters whose stories need to be explored further.

I do plan to write a book of short stories about Martlet; there are tales to be told of how she repaid her debt to Splinter Town in her own inimitable ruthless style.

Then there are two other series that are calling to be written: The founding of Splinterton in the 15th Century, and the story of the town's heydey in the late 1700s - I have a title already, Merchant of Splinter Town with a Machiavellian main character.

First however, I am writing something quite different. A modern day high-tech whodunnit mystery wrapped around the world of AI - and the technology that may come after Artificial Intelligence.

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